[video] Mockups 2 ‚Äď Photoshop Smart Object in Perspective

If you can’t tell already, I’m obsessed with Photoshop Smart Objects. They are pretty much the best thing since sliced bread ūüėõ Haven’t heard of a smart object? Then check out the video. This “little” Photoshop function is an absolute game-changer in terms of working faster and smarter. You can almost entirely automate production of your listing images if you use these right. I’m here to help you! In the meantime, take a look and see if you learn something new :-)

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[video] Mockups 1 – Silhouette to Photoshop without Illustrator

When I created my first video, I showed how to get your designs out of Silhouette Studio, into Illustrator to trace, and finally into Photoshop. But after asking around, I realized not everyone has Illustrator. I LOVE Illustrator and think it is well worth the money to add it to your installed software. It’s the best vector-editing program out there (as opposed to pixel-based like Photoshop) and so powerful. It’s ideal for Silhouette-based businesses too because you can create designs from scratch in Illustrator and save those into formats for pulling right into Silhouette Studio. And frankly…it’s just FUN! LOL!

For those of you without access to Illustrator, here’s how you can move your designs from Silhouette straight to Photoshop alone. Check it out!

Missed the previous video? Check it out in this post.

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[video] Export Silhouette files to Photoshop

I’m so excited to share my very first video tutorial with you!

I’ve seen many new Silhouette business-owners struggling with the topic I cover in this video – how to export a design out of Silhouette and import it into Photoshop. Many people are wondering if you can convert your Silhouette files to PSD or SVG format or if you need special software or PDF printers or if there is some hidden way to do it.

There is no “secret” or hidden way of getting your designs exported. Silhouette Studio Designer Edition (or non-designer edition) is not built to export files to Photoshop. However, it can be done! The first method I’m going to share does require you to have both Photoshop and Illustrator but I cover how to do this without Illustrator in a more recent video – don’t worry! :-) I recommend the Illustrator method first though and always for imagery that requires really crisp smooth edges.

If¬†you have another program that uses vectors like Illustrator does, let me know and I’ll put together a tutorial on that as well! You can add a comment below, or ping me through the contact form on my about page.

Oh and as a bonus…I’m giving you the Photoshop template from the video for free!¬†All you have to do is sign up in the form that’s in the right sidebar, or at the bottom of this page and you’ll have access to all my freebies!

Free download page screenshot from sarahdesign.com


Father’s Day Gift Guide Time!

Father’s Day Gift Guide Time!

The time has come and Father’s Day is this weekend! The Shop Lovely Magazine 2015 Father’s Day Gift Guide has been out for several weeks now and I’ve had some increased views in my shop, so hopefully everyone else featured in the magazine has as well. In Issuu, I can see how many reads it has been getting, along with some other stats, but how sales are faring in people’s Etsy shops is hidden from me unless they tell me personally. So if you’re one of the featured shops, drop a line in the comments and let me know if you’ve gotten any sales. I hope so!

In the meantime, since we still have a couple days left, I’m going to continue to market the guide. Here’s a pinnable image that you are welcome to use to spread the word. You can also find a pinnable link on the Shop Lovely Magazine landing page, or just click here to go right to Pinterest!

Happy sales to all my small business¬†friends and Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there! ūüėÄ


Easy upcycled pillow sham sewing project

Easy upcycled pillow sham sewing project

I used to be afraid of sewing machines. Not that they would come to life and chase me down the hall or anything – ha ha! No, just afraid that I couldn’t use them and would never learn how! I took Home Economics in school as a child just like everyone else and managed to sew a simple pillow that I stuffed and stitched up by hand. And I used to watch my Mom sew entire outfits for herself, plus tons of dresses for my toddler-self :-) But no matter how many times she tried to teach me to thread her sewing machine, I could never do it! In retrospect, I think it was because my Mom’s sewing machine is an ancient dinosaur and just harder to thread than new machines. Over the years, I’d look longingly at other people’s lovely sewn creations. Cute blankets, skirts, suits, and hemmed pants, but it was all such a mystery to me how they could do that!

Fast-forward into my adulthood and married life and suddenly I had two little girls. How could I have two little girls and not learn to sew? There’s just no way! Plus there were all those ugly throw pillows on the couch just *begging* for new pretty coverings. So I challenged my fears and asked my husband for a sewing machine for Christmas. I knew I was pretty likely to get it because he loves buying electronics of all kinds and bonus…he’s an awesome researcher! Who better to task with the job of finding me an “easy” sewing machine for an affordable price?

My plan worked perfectly and I got that machine ūüėČ He had to help me figure out how to thread it, and¬†sew a few simple straight lines but that’s all it took. Then it was just me, my machine, and YouTube on my iPad every night upstairs! So fun. I can’t believe I waited so long to learn this wonderful skill! I am still no expert, and I don’t know how to read a pattern, but I can follow a video tutorial like nobody’s business! And I’ve learned to figure some things out on my own. I’ve deconstructed a few items and roughly drawn out my own “patterns” on fabric to make simple things. Plenty of stitches have been ripped out and many, many mistakes were made, but I LEARNED!

I’ve made more little girl skirts than I can count now and I love it. I’m pretty proud of my new skill. It’s funny because when I first started sewing I created a board on Pinterest called “Must learn to sew someday”. Just this last year I finally changed the name of that board to “Sewing”! Not clever, but a huge step for me ūüėÄ

This post isn’t about little girls’ clothes but it is about something else I love; upcycling. It’s so rewarding when you take something that’s not quite right and alter it to be something really special and one-of-a-kind. The story behind this sewing upcycle starts with¬†some pillowcases at Bed Bath and Beyond¬†marked down to $10 for a pair. They were sized for a regular bed pillow, but looked like they could be adapted to the size of a small square throw pillow instead. Namely, the throw pillows on my couch! I wished they were a tiny bit cheaper but the embroidery was so pretty and such high quality that they still seemed like a good deal.¬†Aren’t they cute? Pardon the carpet-photo, I’ll take better shots in the day outside. I’m always posting at night – darn it!

Easy sewing upcycled embroidered pillow shams

On that same clearance rack I found an off-white sheet that had a drink spilled on it, marked down to $3. I figured if I couldn’t wash out the spill there was still plenty of good fabric there to be worth the money. So I snagged that too. Good thing because I ended up needing to create a lining for the pillow cases and it was the perfect color. Incidentally, the drink stain washed right out so I ended up with a whole perfect sheet for a measly three bucks. Score!

Another handy thing about these shams is that the back was already set up with an overlapping envelope style opening. So that saved me the extra step of hemming those edges. I just cut off one end of the sham and hemmed up that side, being sure to keep a nicely centered opening in the back. I also trimmed the other three sides and hemmed those for a neat, even, perfectly sized case.

I’m loving how these came out, and my daughter loves it too. She’s sleeping on one of these lovely pillowcases right now. What better testament to a job well done?!

Free printable Avery 6450 ‘hello spring’ circle sticker labels

Free printable Avery 6450 ‘hello spring’ circle sticker labels

I’m a little behind this week on my freebie post. It’s been a busy, busy week with school field trips and family medical issues (everything’s ok now). But better late than never, right? I’ll let this one linger an extra few days to make up for posting it so late :-)

I hope you have fun with this one! Stickers are a new item I’m hoping to add to the shop, but I’m not sure if people are interested in that. What do you think? Do you see yourself using these to secure envelopes or add some happy color to your ¬†kid’s lunch bag, or maybe to brighten up this month’s planner page? What other stickers do you enjoy? Flags? Arrows? Please comment with your ideas and maybe I can create something from your inspiration!

Snag these before May 20th, and enjoy! If¬†you print some of these, I’d love to see it on Instagram! Just tag me with @sarahdesignprints


Right click on the image (hit “save image as…”) and¬†download the stickers to your computer. You’ll need to purchase the printable circle labels for this project. But they are super handy to have around, and I’ll be making more of these, never fear! They are Avery 6450, 1-inch diameter circles, 63 labels per sheet. These are my designs, so no re-selling allowed, but print as many as you want to enjoy at home for fun!

free printable sticker sheet for avery 6450 stickers

Sarahdesignprintables is now just sarahdesign

Sarahdesignprintables is now just sarahdesign

New shorter web address!

Smallish change here on the website. I still sell printables, but my domain name is shorter and simpler. I say this is a “smallish” change because it doesn’t really change the way anything looks to you, but it’s possible some links might get crossed somewhere on the ol’ interwebs that could make this confusing. Confusing internet? What?! :-) The change is that I am no longer calling this website sarahdesignprintables.com¬†and instead am calling it sarahdesign.com. Don’t worry, I’ll still be selling and giving away printables!

It’s just much simpler and shorter and easier all around! I had originally added on the “printables” because I thought it more clearly described my¬†business that way and because I had my professional ux design portfolio listed there¬†already and didn’t want to move that. After a few months I realized it makes way more sense this way so I switched things up this morning. My professional portfolio site now exists on www.sarahguilliot.com.¬†I had avoided using that domain previously because my last name is just so darn hard to spell! But I think this is the right decision so I’m moving forward with it this way.

Don’t worry if you have a bookmark that still leads to¬†sarahdesignprintables or sarahdesignprints. Those domains will both still forward here.¬†I haven’t decided if this changes anything for Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter yet. I’ll post here if it does!

I also have a new business Twitter handle: @momprintables. Don’t you hate it when your name is taken?! I’m @sdprintables on Pinterest¬†and my¬†Instagram handle is @sarahdesignprints. All the business articles tell you to make these names match, but it’s nearly impossible! I thought I’d found something unique but I didn’t realize there were so few characters allowed. My URL is just too long to fit and “sarahdesign” is taken already on most platforms. Oh well, you can always find me here¬†by remember www.sarahdesign.com!

Shop Lovely Magazine featured in Mother’s Day “stack” on Issuu.com

This is super exciting news but if you haven’t heard of Issuu.com you’re probably wondering what the heck I’m talking about :-) The Issuu site is an online magazine rack, basically. People can create and publish magazines and digital books right onto the Issuu platform as well as embed them on their website. Anyone can come onto Issuu and search and find magazines that interest them to read for free, or they can view them directly on your website.

If you visit the Issuu site, you can search for a topic that interests you and publications will pop up that are related to that topic. Then if you like one, you can add it to a “stack” to save for later. You know how when you go to a bookstore, you grab a big pile of magazines and books and stack them on a table so you can settle in and browse through them all? That’s what this is for! You can save your favorites in a stack to browse through right away and like a bookmark, save them for later reading too. It also acts as sort of a subscription function so if a magazine has multiple issues, you won’t miss any new ones.

You’ll see in my main navigation here on sarahdesignprintables that there’s a link called “Shop Lovely Magazine”. If you pop over there you can check out the 2015 Mother’s Day Gift Guide, the very first issue of the magazine! All items in the guide link to the shop where you can purchase.¬†I’ll tell you a little bit about how this came about, but first, check out this screenshot. The issuu staff put together a special stack especially for Mother’s Day and Shop Lovely Magazine is included!¬†You can find it in the lower left corner. So fun!

Shop Lovely Magazine's 2015 Mother's Day Gift Guide featured in Issuu.com stack!

Shop Lovely Magazine’s 2015 Mother’s Day Gift Guide featured in Issuu.com stack!

Last December after I launched my Etsy shop, an idea for an Etsy Magazine started to form in my mind. I wanted a way to meet other sellers and form a sort of “tribe” of independent shops (outside of Etsy too!) to help promote one another. That’s how Shop Lovely Magazine was born. At first I considered making a special website just for this purpose, but I was also working on my own website and wasn’t sure I’d have time to give the magazine site all the attention it deserved. Then I learned about Issuu.com a few months later and realized it was the perfect vehicle for this idea!

We’ve been getting a lot of views and the shops are very pleased with how the guide turned out. I’m going to work on a Father’s Day Gift Guide next. Need to make headway on that this weekend!

The Issuu platform is also great for shops who want to sell wholesale and need a “line sheet” to show potential buyers. A line sheet is basically a catalog of all the products they sell and what the wholesale prices are, and how to contact them to set up a purchase. There are some beautiful line sheets out there.

You should check out Issuu and start making yourself some free magazine stacks!

Free “Think Spring” Printable (April 26 – May 2)

Free “Think Spring” Printable (April 26 – May 2)

This week’s free printable is a great gift for Mother’s Day. We need to celebrate spring while we have it! It’s been really beautiful here in Seattle lately, that’s for sure. I find myself unprepared for the warmer weather, always dressed in sweaters and carrying an unnecessary coat. These are good problems to have, I know!

So while this is free this week, and we are in a spring mood,¬†you should snag this print. It’s a classic and subtle design¬†with a simple floral pattern in the background and a “think spring” message, front and center. It’s sized for an 8×10 frame, but is high-resolution at 300dpi so you might be able to print it larger. You can also shrink it down for a smaller frame, or¬†make it into a greeting card.

You’d be surprised how many things you can do with one printable file. I should put together a PDF book with ideas, or maybe a video…or both!¬†Is that something you’d¬†be interested to see?

I used Roselina Script¬†for the”spring” font. I love the curves on this one. It’s very poetic and charming, but with a feminine touch. Unfortunately I can’t remember what font I used for “think” because I turned it to outlines in Illustrator before making note of it! But any tall, thin, sans-serif font, as long as it’s not too wispy, would be a great pairing for this script.¬†I do make a small affiliate commission if you happen to pick this up, so that’s always appreciated. It’s no extra cost to you and is a really great addition to any designer’s toolbox. In fact, this one is 40% off right now on Creative Market so it’s a great time to snag it! I think it’d be perfect for wedding-related art too. So pretty!

If you’re not familiar with the weekly free printable, here’s how it works. Every week I’ll post one free printable here for you to download and enjoy. But it’s only free for one week, then after that I’ll move it into my shop and offer it for sale. Alas, this one is no longer available.

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8x10 free think spring printable

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